Seven Things The Holy Spirit Will Do In You

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The greatest thing that God has done for us since we believed is to make His Spirit available to us. However, too many of God’s people are like the 12 men in Acts chapter 19, who Paul asked, « Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? » and they answered him, « We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost! »

Many Christians are completely clueless of who the Holy Spirit is. Many others who even claim to know the Holy Spirit and have Him in their lives don’t know why He is in them. They have no idea what He can do with them, in them and through them.

In this book, I’ll be teaching you seven vital things the Holy Spirit will do in you when He comes to dwell in you; seven things that will not happen in your life until you receive and are full of the Holy Spirit. I’ve already written a book on *’Seven Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You,’ but now I’ll be sharing with you what He’ll do inside you when He comes to abide in you.

In Hosea 12:13, the Bible says, « …by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved. »

Understand what God is saying here. He’s letting you know that the way He changes your life is by sending you another human being. He will not come down Himself into your room; neither will He send an angel from heaven to change your life. Even if you saw an angel, that may not change your life. God Himself may appear to you today and your life will not change. What changes your life is when God sends a message to you through another human being.

In Acts 10 when an angel appeared to Cornelius, the Roman centurion, he told him to send messengers to Joppa and fetch Simon Peter who would speak words to him by which he would be saved.

In the same way, God brought Israel out of Egypt; He brought them out of their suffering, sorrow and bondage by sending them a prophet by the name of Moses. Moses delivered them from their bondage to Egypt and changed their lives.

The message that God put in Moses’ mouth to speak to the children of Israel was the message that kept them alive. That was the message that gave them prosperity and success. It was the same message that established them and helped them in everything they did.

In the same way God brought Israel out of Egypt and preserved them through the prophet Moses, He has sent me to you as His prophet to give you a Word of revelation in this book that is guaranteed to change your life forever.

Don’t take the things you’re about to read or the thoughts they’ll stir in you lightly. They will change your family, your finances and your health. They will change everything about your life today and your future!

This message of the Spirit will bring you light. It will change your ministry, your relationships, your job or your business. It will produce a great future for you and change your destiny forever!

You will do yourself much good to read through this book over and over until you’ve imbibed its message. Let the thoughts shared in it become a part of you and your daily experience. Then you’ll be able to walk with the Holy Spirit in the understanding of what He is in you to do, and enjoy the fullness of the blessings of His presence in your life.

Get ready for a life–transforming encounter with the most powerful Person on earth – the Almighty Spirit of the living God!

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